• Larger than it appears. Cafe extends to an large courtyard. Umbrellas and undercover dining
  • Dog friendly. Park the pooch in our dog friendly section. Fresh water and doggy treats to purchase.
  • Fully licenced specialising in Boutique Wines, Craft Beers and Cider
  • Quirky and homely, with a collectic feel
  • Mis matched chairs and lounges with lots of comfy cushions and blankets for those chilly days
  • Laid back vibe like being in someone else’s backyard
  • Friendly welcoming staff with first class service helping to make your visit pleasant and memorable
  • Great for kids and families with plenty of games and activities to keep them amused
  • Home style cooking at it’s best.
  • Aim to cover most dietary requirements
  • Air-conditioned inside

Welcome to WhiteJam, where good friends meet.   We are one of Brisbane’s best breakfast spots right in the middle of Hendra’s residential zone.

We have a variety of breakfast and lunch options to select from. You can experience home-style cooking at its best with our wide selection of sandwiches and dishes to complete your mornings. We also aim to cover the best dietary requirements that assure a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Our fully-licensed team are fully trained in serving boutique wines, craft beers and cider beverages, adding a unique touch to our satisfying menu that you can surely enjoy. We also make sure that we prepare drinks that fits within your breakfast and café preferences.

Not only that, but we are also family-oriented and pet-friendly. Your dogs and other pets are welcome in our designated pooch section with comfy lounges whilst you enjoy your time relaxing and catching up with friends.  Your pets will be comfy too with doggy treats for purchase and fresh bowls of water. Our café is also great for your kids with plenty of games and activities to keep them amused whilst you enjoy your coffee and cake and take some time out.

Our friendly staff also serves the best coffee in a cozy ambience. Our air-conditioned cafe may seem smaller than it appears at first glance, but you’ll be surprised to see it extends to a long courtyard with covered and uncovered dining. What’s more, our umbrellas and outdoor fans allow you to enjoy your drink and meal outdoors in comfort. Thus, we can generate a unique and entertaining ambience, as if you have not left home.  Our chairs and lounges bring lots of comfy cushions and blankets during cold, chilly days. So, you can have that lay-back vibe, though being in someone else’s backyard. Our friendly and welcoming staff will serve you on a first-class to make your visit pleasant and memorable.

We are truly committed and meticulous in serving the best breakfast and lunch experience for you and your family.

Visit WhiteJam now to experience an innovative way of enjoying your cup of coffee.